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Boxer "El Terminator" Valero...Won't be Back!

El Terminator

by Richard Bennett / AMAM & A.P.

Suspended WBC lightweight champion Edwin "El Terminator" Valero was detained on suspicion of killing his 24 year old wife, Jennifer Carolina Viera, in Caracas, Venezuela on Sunday, local Police stated.

Venezuelan Federal Police Chief Wilmer Flores said Valero was arrested after police found the lifeless body of his wife in a hotel in the city of Valencia. Flores said Valero left their hotel room around dawn on Sunday and allegedly he told the hotel's security personnel that he had killed Viera.

Flores told state television said that police found three fatal stab wounds on Viera's lifeless body. He said Valero was then immediately transferred to a local police precinct, "where they went to take samples needed for the investigation of the case" and to question the boxer. After being transported to a local hospital, Viera was officially pronounced D.O.A., her immediate family members were then notified.

El Terminator 1

Viera's family says she was young, beautiful, and clearly with the wrong man. The agony of her horrific murder will be compounded for her family and relatives because she bore the suspected wife-killer two beautiful children who must be cared for.

Edwin Valero had been seeking a contract for a fight with unbeaten Filipino fighting phenomenon Manny Pacquiao, currently electioneering in the Philippines, with his wife Jinkee, in Sarangani, the province where his wife was born.

Judging by today’s arrest, there will be no "superfight" planned down the line between the two men.

Valero was gifted between the ropes, unbeaten in the ring, yet deeply troubled outside of it. The 28-year-old boxer has been in trouble with the law before. Last month, Valero was brought up on charges of harassing his wife and threatening medical personnel who treated her at a hospital in the western city of Merida. Police arrested the Valero following an argument with a doctor and nurse at the hospital, where his wife was being treated for a series of injuries, including a punctured lung, a bruised abdomen and broken ribs.

While Valero’s wife, Jennifer, lay in a hospital bed, Edwin reportedly became incensed at a cop he believed was pressuring his better-half to admit that her injuries stemmed from domestic abuse. He received stern warnings to remain calm. Unfortunately, despite ample evidence to the contrary, Valero’s kin ultimately refused to ever acknowledge that “El Terminator” was a violent menace who would injure Viera and they declined to press charges. Arguably, there were clear signs of danger ahead.

El Terminator 2

Last summer he was reported to have assaulted his own mother and sister, but there were no charges filed and Valero had claimed they were rumours put out by his enemies.

Valero's lawyer, Milda Mora, did not immediately answer telephone calls seeking comment, however, he and Valero's publicist did prepare limited statements to address to reporters.

"Valero entered a Venezuelan rehabilitation center under on March 28, 2010 for treatment of drug and alcohol addiction", Mora said at the time. The boxer's attorney said Viera was injured when she fell down a flight of stairs at the couple's home while checking a water tank located on the roof.

Valero, with a record of 27-0 as a boxer, was replaced as WBC lightweight champion back in early 2010 after he expressed a desire to challenge for the championship in a higher weight division, said World Boxing Council President Jose Sulaiman. "He's a boy who is extraordinarily talented in boxing," Sulaiman said by telephone from Mexico City. "It's a shame what is happening."

Valero has become a fan favorite primarily due to the explosive knockout power that he possesses in his fists! There are many who say that Valero is a great talent who, with the proper mindset, could've become one of the greatest pound-for-pound pugilists in the sport. Valero, who has suffered from alcohol and drug addiction, and brain damage after a motorcycle crash, last defended the WBC lightweight title against Antonio DeMarco in February this year, in Mexico.

El Terminator 3

Sadly, if found convicted of 1st Degree Murder, Valero would have been confined to a cage in a Venezuelan prison for a very long time. In that event, it is unlikely that Edwin "El Terminator" Valero would've ever been seen back in the ring.

April-19th, 2010: Valero, a respected former championship Boxer, known for having an undefeated fight-record and a noticable tattoo of Hugo Chavez on his chest, was found dead in his jail cell. Attending Police said he hanged himself after being arrested in his wife's murder. The former lightweight champion used his own clothes to hang himself from a bar in his cell early Monday morning, Venezuelan Federal Police Chief Wilmer Flores told reporters. Valero's lawyer, Milda Mora, confirmed that Valero had committed suicide saying he used the sweat pants he was wearing. Flores said

Valero was found by another inmate, who alerted authorities in the police lockup in north-central Carabobo state. Valero still showed signs of life when they took him down, but they were unable to save him and he died about 1:30 a.m., Flores said.

Boxing takes in all types: the misfits, the abused, the ones who simply start out on the wrong side of the tracks... but, for all whom the sport provides support and a way of reversing the misfortunes they may have suffered early in their lives, it also has its share of casualties.

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