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Tony 'Kryptonite' Lopez

Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez

Standing tall, at 6' 4" / 205 Lbs, "King of the Cage" Heavy-Weight Champion Tony Lopez is focused on elevating himself in the world of Mixed-Martial Arts, where he has been continually training hard to reach all of his personal goals.

He now holds an impressive list of substantial wins in the octagon and ring to show for all his hard-fought efforts!

12-2-0 (5-TKO's / 7-Submissions / 1-Loss by Decision & 1-Loss by Submission)

Tony's in touch with his fans. "I just wanna put on a good show for all the fight fans out there," he replied when asked about it, "they deserve a good performance."

Although Lopez can appear to be completely fearsome to his opponents, outside of the cage he exudes a rather laid back and approachable demeanor, always friendly to everyone and candid in our conversations.

An exclusive A.M.A.M. Interview:

1) AMAM: What inspired you to first become involved in martial arts and what was your original dicipline?

Lopez: As kids, my brother and I used to watch Kung Fu Theater. I was only 12 years old when I started taking Kung Fu classes. I was 21 when I took my first Karate classes. Soon I began training full-time in martial arts.

2) AMAM: How did you eventually become associated with KOTC?

Lopez: I'd only been training a short while at Executive Fitness when I realized that they really had no more of value to teach me there. I had already approached the trainers about taking fights and got signed to do my first KOTC bout, I ended up quiting my training there only one week prior to my fight.

AMAM: Where do you currently train, who are your trainers?

Lopez: I'm training with Team Oyama in Irvine, California; under Coach Collen.

4) AMAM: Most of your fights successfully ended in the first rounds, yet your second KOTC bout with rival Fernando Gonzalez lasted five rounds, was that your toughest fight thus far?

Lopez: No. It was actually my fights against Keith Barry and John Brock. Both of them just wouldn't quit even though I beat the heck outta them! I beat up on Brock so hard, bloodied him up good and he still kept on coming at me, he even refused to "tap" to my Submission hold and allowed me to choked him out! (Laughs)

5) AMAM: Do you usually feel more comfortable seeking Submissions or do you prefer to face an opponent toe-to-toe with Punches & Kicks?

Lopez: I feel comfortable either way. Either punching and kicking or grappling, as long as I can give the fans a good show, I'm cool with it.

6) AMAM: You hold an outstanding fight-record, only suffering two Losses so far, did you agree with the Unanimous Decision against you with Tony Bonello back in 2007?

Lopez: No. I feel like there was some politics involved with the judges influence there.

7) AMAM: Tell us about your first Loss to Justin Levens @ WEC-15 in 2005?

Lopez: That fight I lost before I even entered the ring. After my wife informed me on what a big opportunity I had there, I guess my nerves just froze with "stage-fright" then. As we all began our walk towards the ring, the backstage security decided not to allow my wife to follow us out, stating something about her sexy attire being entirely inappropriate, and that she was not one of their ring girls...crazy stuff! Without her by my side, I just couldn't snap out of my strange nervous condition enough...things are much different now though.

8) AMAM: What would be your "dream" matchup to fight in right now, who would it be with?

Lopez: Brock Lesner or Frank Mir, to increase my exposure. A good physical matchup for me might be a fight against Anderson Silva.

9) AMAM: Whom is your favorite MMA fighter to watch?

Lopez: Randy Couture is someone I admire, he's earned so much respect.

10) AMAM: Any aspirations to eventually get into the UFC?

Lopez: Yes, of course. My ultimate goal is to compete in the big league and the UFC is the pinnacle for nearly all MMA fighters.

Tony, A.M.A.M. would like to thank you for being such a good guy and allowing us to conduct this informative interview with you here today.

Lopez: My pleasure, glad to do it, thanks!

End of Interview...

Tony 'Kryptonite' Lopez with AMAM Ring Girls and Paul S. Lewis

Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez is a very solid competitor with excellent fighting skills, undoubtedly earning his KOTC Heavyweight Championship Belt with serious hard work and determination. A.M.A.M. Magazine is sure that Tony will continue to strive towards reaching all of his goals, winning many more exciting fights to come. This publication gladly wishes him much luck and is looking forward to all of Lopez's highly-anticipated upcoming bouts!

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