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TFA-12: A Pyramid of Success!

The Cage

“Brawl at the Beach”

On a perfectly clear Southern California Saturday night in mid October; Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA) promoters Todd Meacham and Richard Rasmussen managed to make it look easy once again...

Total Fighting Alliance (TFA), the emerging event force, has continually produced yet another flawlessly exciting evening of professional MMA cage fights!

Wisely kept near some of the most popular beaches in the Los Angeles area where tourists' dollars can enable permanent residents to live semi-comfortable lifestyles, TFA knowingly looks to book its shows in venues close to our local waters where many affluent fans are. These fight fans tend to readily purchase more tickets and merchandise.

“Looking at their impressive box-office track record, TFA is correct.”

The TFA Mat

Unfortunately, in 2007-2008 many of their early local promotional competitors have either dropped out to only produce smaller shows or went out of business completely. Meanwhile, TFA has continued to evolve by utilizing strategic management.

Dislocated Arm

This thrilling night of MMA fights was held within the impressive Cal State Long Beach Pyramid. The reflective glass covered pyramid is over four stories high and is expansive at its base. The unique architecture is so tall and shiny that it can be seen clearly all the way down the road off the 405 & 605 freeway bridges.

The Winner

The bouts included able professional fighters from some of the most respected gyms in Southern California, featuring matchups between: Jacob Wood vs. Jared Carelston, Eric Rogers vs. Sterling Trotter, Jose Morales vs. Jason Carvajal, Sevak Magakian vs. John Lopez, Danial Grey vs. Eddie Mendez, Dominic Verdugo vs. Gordero, Karen Darabedyan vs. Jared Papaziah, Paul Karsky vs. Sean Loeffler, Anthony Ferguson vs. Joe Schilling and Jeff Martin vs. Ray Cox.


In the evening’s anticipated Main Event, fans saw California’s Jeff Martin from Sidekick’s Gym in Valencia versus Ray Cox of Riverside Submission, facing off in the cage. Immediately after the first round bell sounded, Martin went straight in for a Takedown attempt, which failed as Cox countered. The action then went into a clinch then to the ground where Cox attempted to secure a “Guillotine” choke from the bottom; both fighters then regained their “Stand-Up” and proceeded to vie for control. Cox managed to deliver a couple of good knee-strikes into Martin’s abdomen, which barely seemed to faze Martin, who seemed to be too filled with adrenalin to notice! Suddenly, Martin landed a low blow to the groin of Cox, forcing seasoned referee Cecil Peoples to temporarily halt the bout in order to provide Cox the allotted time to recuperate, before allowing the fight to continue. Cox then landed some decent kicks to Martin’s body mixed in with some wild swinging punches. However, from the clinch, Cox suddenly lifted Martin's whole body up high and forcefully slammed his opponent to the mat then maneuvered into “Side-Control”. By the end of the first round, Martin had received a nasty cut above his eye after an exchange of elbows and direct strikes. The opening of the next round began with much of the same, until Cox was finally able to sink in a tight “Rear-Naked” choke for the win in 0:26 of the second round!

“Hardcore MMA Cage-Fighting”

The Entrance

The following scheduled fight before an excited crowd inside the luminous Pyramid was between Light-Weights; Jared Carleston from Hollywood and Jacob Wood from Hermosa Beach, California, making their professional MMA debuts.

At the opening the first round, the fight goes almost straight down to the mat into a “Ground & Pound” and Arm-Bar attempt trade off, keeping the Grappling action going for a while.

Carleston slowly gained confidence from a controlled mounted position and pressed the action until he smartly secured a solid “Triangle” Arm-Bar, which caused Wood to submit in pain late in the first round!

Fighter 1

The second bout was a Welter-Weight matchup. Making his pro debut, this bout featured Eric Rogers of Redondo Beach against Sterling Trotter from Garden Grove, California. The first round went quickly from a stand up boxing match into a clinch right down into an unsecured standing “Guillotine” choke attempt by Roger. Trotter escaped as the fight went to the ground. After a short exchange of failed positioning attempts by both fighters, the action resumed to “Stand-Up” until it violently returned to the ground where Trotter managed to secure a nice “Guillotine” choke, forcing Carleston to tap out in 2:52 of the first round.

In the third fight, Jason Carvejal of Downey went up against Jose Morales from Carson, California. From the moment the bell sounded to announce the first round, Morales’ fans loudly cheered and jeered his opponent to no avail as they fought on until Carvejal achieved a tight “Triangle” choke for the win in a mere 0:35 of the first round!

The fourth bout saw fighter; Sevak Magakian from North Hollywood’s Hayastan Dojo, make fighting look rather easy by displaying complete control of his opponent with an exciting win over Gardena, California’s John Lopez, by a severe Arm-Bar at only 0:44 of the opening round.

Sevak from Hayastan

In the fifth matchup between Eddie Mendez from House of Champions in Van Nuys, California versus Long Beach local Daniel Grey, Mendez won by the evening’s first exciting TKO in less than three minutes of the second round.

The sixth fight saw another big unexpected TKO! This time delivered by Dominic Verdugo from Team Wildman in Rancho Cucamonga upon Luis Cordero of Hermosa Beach, California in only 1:09, also in the second round.

The seventh fight featured another of Hayastan Dojo’s combatant’s; Karen Darabedyan from Glendale was matched against Jared Papazian of West Hill’s, California. In his prefight promo footage displayed on over-head flat screens, Papazian mouthed off insults towards Karen’s gym and his trainers, saying he planned on beating the @#%! (Expletive Deleted) out of Darabedyan, but, such was not to be the case as Karen quickly proceed to control the opening seconds of the fight by ably delivering a barrage of strikes down upon the unprepared Papazian before confidently securing a suffocating “Rear-Naked” choke for the win in 1:36 of the first round. However, Karen, filled with explosive energy, adrenalin and the crowd roaring in his ears, failed to discontinue placing pressure upon Jared at referee Cecil Peoples first command to break away from the action! Immediately after realizing his error, Darabedyan made a sincere apology to his opponent and to his fans in the crowd, still retaining his win.

Karen from Hayastan

In bout number eight, Paul Karsky from Victorville awkwardly landed his body upon his unwitting opponent, Sean Loffler of Hermosa Beach, California and accidentally dislocated Sean’s arm for the win in only 0:35 of the first round. Loffler yelped out loudly in pain as Karsky’s large body was pulled off of him!

In the ninth, Anthony Ferguson of Oxnard, California faced Joe Schilling from Los Angeles and won by a perfect “Rear-Naked” choke in 2:12 of the second round.

Fighter 2

“This highly-sponsored TFA-12 event produced some very exciting fights!”

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