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Xtreme Results with Jorge Oliveira

Jorge Olivera

AMAM: Good to speak with you today, thanks for the chance to finally conduct this interview.

Jorge: My pleasure, thank you.

AMAM: Please let everyone know where you were born.

Jorge: I was born in Brazil. It was my dream to live in the United States.

AMAM: How do you like it here now that you’re completely settled in?

Jorge: I am very happy with the way everything has worked out for me here. I feel that my connection with God & my soul is becoming more fulfilled now. I appreciate the opportunities to showcase my fighting spirit here in the U.S.A.

AMAM: You obviously began your martial arts training while still in Rio De Janiero, how old were you then and what martial arts disciplines do you consider to be your foundation?

Jorge: I was a very young boy when I first got my start. Brazilian Jujitsu is my main martial arts. That is what I love.

AMAM: You’ve faced some tough opponents, such as Vanarsdale, Eastman & other worthy fighters, but would you say your exciting bout with Shonie Carter was among your favorites?

Jorge: My match with Shonie was a good fight, but so was Eastman & Vanarsdale!

AMAM: You’ve recently ended your long term relationship training with the Chute-Boxe Academy; was there any ‘bad-blood’ involved in your departure or were you simply looking for another more preferable training alternative?

Jorge: I’ve just found another opportunity to show more of my talents, that’s all.

AMAM: Now that you’re a member of Randy Couture’s Xtreme Training Center. How is that working out for you so far?

Jorge: Great! I’m getting some of the greatest training of my life there. I also train at Legends in L.A.

AMAM: Where do you now reside?

Jorge: Still in Los Angeles, but I spend a lot of my time in Las Vegas now.

Jorge Olivera

AMAM: Are you acclimating well there, how does the environment affect your training?

Jorge: I’m from Rio, so I like warm weather, but Las Vegas is very dry.

AMAM: Tell us all more about your training regimen at Xtreme & Legends. How many hours a day or week are you putting in there?

Jorge: 6 days a week. We work out hard all the time!

AMAM: Working out with Couture, you must have added a lot of good Wrestling into your arsenal, how does this change your approach in the Cage?

Jorge: Yes. Between my Jujitsu, Wrestling, Boxing & Kick-boxing; it will only make me a better fighter in the cage.

AMAM: Do you have a desired opponent in mind, against who would be your ‘dream’ fight?

Jorge: No, not really, I’ll fight anyone. But, I would like to have rematch with Glover.

AMAM: Jorge, I would like to thank you for taking this time out from your active training schedule in order to allow me this interview with you! Please know that I consider you to be a great fighter & athlete whom AMAM wishes to remain in contact with in order to be better informed of your progress in MMA. Best of luck out there always!

Jorge: Thank you very much. I will try to keep you posted on my training and let you know the results of all my upcoming fights!

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