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Mexico’s Cage of Fire!

By Sonny Holandez

Tijuana, Mexico

It was a hot afternoon outside the Baby Rock nightclub where a few hundred people lined up outside to get a glimpse of who is going to be on the Fight-Card for the highly anticipated evening of action.

My gym associates and I were all down there South of the Border to support our fighter Sean “The Destroyer” Loeffler. We waited in the hot sun to see whom he was scheduled to fight in the Cage of Fire later that night. Fortunately only about a half hour later we were allowed to proceed thru the club’s entrance. The entrance’s hallway was like entering into a cave. It was similar to being in the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland. After a brief wait in the hallway we proceeded inside and as we neared the center of the club, the cage was there awaiting the brave fighters.

The first match was between Guillermo Smith of Ensenada vs. Larry Maya of San Diego, which was action-packed for the entire three rounds! Guillermo put on an excellent show as he successfully neutralized attacks of punches and kicks to his head and body by Maya. Guillermo won by judges decision. By far the best fight on the card was a bout between Jose Guardado vs. Raul Peralta, both from Mexico. Raul was knocked out in just five seconds of the first round by a roundhouse kick to the head!

Our fighter Sean “The Destroyer” Loeffler also put on an excellent show for the crowd by winning a decision against Brandon Gonzales. Gonzales was a game fighter from the bell landing severe kicks to the body and head of Sean. However, Sean turned the game around by taking Brandon to the mat into a ground and pound, which practically turned him into mincemeat!

Caliente Fuego

The Main Event of the evening between Adolfo De La Torre of Tijuana vs. American Greg White proved to be the most spectacular bout by far. Adolfo ended up delivering a devastating knee to White’s head that sent him face down to the mat!

Tijuana has been hosting many good fights this summer. Kickboxing and MMA events are becoming common in Mexico these days. Check online for info on more exciting upcoming shows South of the Border.

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