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On the Mat with Manvil "The Anvil" Gamburyan

(Interviewed at Hayastan Dojo, 11044 Burbank Bl., North Hollywood, Ca. 91601. PH# 818-985-4656)
Manny Gamburyan

AMAM: Manny, how are you today?

MANNY: I'm doing well, Sir. How are you doing?

AMAM: Great! Where & when were you born?

MANNY: I was born in Armenia in 1981.

AMAM: When did you first move the U.S.A.?

MANNY: In 1991 when I was just ten years old.

AMAM: When & where did you first meet Gokor Chivichyan & the great Gene LeBell?

MANNY: I first met Gokor & Gene back in 1991, only a couple of months after arriving in the United States.

AMAM: Where did you first get started training & what was the type of martial arts system you studied? When was your first official MMA fight?

MANNY: Well, I've been training with Gokor, so it's Gene & Gokor's "Hayastan style of fighting". I fought my first MMA match in 1995-96 in Tijuana, Mexico when I was just 15 years old.

AMAM: Please let everyone know what was the result of that fight?

MANNY: I won by a Leg-Lock Submission.

AMAM: Alright! Obviously you train in a wide variety of Integrated Grappling here at Hayastan, but do you consider yourself mainly a Grappler or do you prefer to train more as a Boxer or Kick-boxer, how much time do you spend on your 'Stand-up' game and what do you focus on, is it Muay-Thai or Boxing?

MANNY: Yea, I'm mostly into Judo & Grappling, but I try to learn more by switching up my cross-training a bit by training in Wrestling, Kick-boxing & Boxing. I focus my 'Stand-up' more on Boxing because I want to get my hands going, My Judo is already good, but I want to be even better at Boxing, and Jujitsu, making improvements in both. You cannot rely on being one-dimensional these days to win fights, that doesn't work well anymore, so I continue to cross-train and I've been doing well lately as a result.

AMAM: I know, and you're at the right place to do all that as you know; Hayastan produces some of the best fighters around! Manny, we've been following your rising career; in fact, let me ask you about your recent win in your last UFC bout,who was your opponent?

MANNY: It was Nate Mohr from Iowa / Chicago. He was more of a Kick-boxer and Boxer, so in order to not mess up his head too bad; I decided to try taking him down to look for Submissions.

AMAM: Yes, I believe you won in only 1:31 of the first round, is that correct?

MANNY: That is correct, Sir. I won again by a Leg-Lock.

AMAM: You didn't even seem to break much of a sweat in that fight! (Laughs) When is your next scheduled competition?

MANNY: I'm assuming its in May at another UFC event.

AMAM: Have you already been matched for that fight?

MANNY: Not yet, but I'm probably going to fight on that card.

AMAM: We will be rooting for your win! Manny, what's your current Pro-Rank?

MANNY: Thank you. Ah, I think I'm ranked number 18 or 19 in the world. I'm not in the Top-10 yet, but that's my goal,to be ranked in the Top-10, then to become number one in the world! I'm a Light-Weight, weighing in around 155Lbs. and my current MMA record is 13-2.

AMAM: I see. You just keep making your way up the ladder in the MMA world, excellent!

MANNY: Yep. (Smiles)

AMAM: What would be your 'Dream-Fight'? Would it be a UFC match or elsewhere?

MANNY: I'm in the UFC business right now, so it would be there. I love fighting in the UFC because they've treated me well. I hope to be fighting for the 'Belt' one day,that would be the happiest thing in my life!

Manny Gamburyan and Paul Lewis-AMAM CEO

AMAM: As a fellow member of Hayastan that would make us all happy! (Laughs) Who are your favorite UFC fighters?

MANNY: To be honest with you I have at least two of them right now. You cannot miss GSP (George St. Pierre); He's a very good, well-rounded 'top notch' fighter, a great athlete and a nice guy. Also, I like Diego Sanchez' style too because his movements are very unique and he's really good.

AMAM: Sure. There's a lot of new blood who're shedding good light on many of the young upcoming fighters in the UFC. Manny, who are some of your martial arts heroes?

MANNY: Well, definitely it's Gene LeBell.

AMAM: Ours too! Gene & Gokor are the greatest! Manny, AMAM wants to thank you for taking time away from the mats tonight to allow me to conduct this interview. Look for it to be posted at www.amam-magazine.com in our newly constructed 'AMAM Army' link.

MANNY: You're welcome, Sir. It should be good!

In 2010 Manny has been busy with the WEC, working his way up the ranks to finally secure a shot at the title against the reigning Lightweight Champion Jose Aldo. Although he suffered a Loss in that exciting match, he has now been invited to return to the UFC!

Manny Gamburyan

You can visit Manny, Gokor and Gene at Hayastan Dojo by contacting them directly at: gokor.com or genelebell.com.
Contact info@amam-magazine.com for additional related info.

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