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Samurai Warrior with Halberd

Preferred Instruments of Death!

Throughout the ages, warriors from all around the world have made their weapons of choice...after painstakingly abusive trials and life-threatening errors.

For centuries, various ancient military leaders decided which weapons would be ideal to carry into battles, mainly based upon cultural and practical reasons.

Depending on the materials at hand, early Europeans may have had only a limited supply of natural items in which to craft a rudementary instrument of death, creating some of the first truly creative craftsmen of warfare. As travels across land and seas increased, neighboring countries began trading different methods of manufacturing new weapons.

Once their deadly archaic creations were field tested in battle and proven to be best suited to a particular environment, artisians then manufactured and evolved new forms of them to better suit a foot-soldier or a mounted regimen, in regions where calvary was used.

Eventually, when men learned to smelt together much harder metals, stronger and sharper swords and knives were then able to be forged. Before long, more resistant armor and shields were included to better protect a soldier as he wielded all this heavy new hardware in to battles. Finally, artillery was added.

In Asia, ancient Japanese sword-makers became legendary for pioneering a method of over-lapping and folding metal over itself many times to make their sacred katana blades exceptionally sharp and resistant to breakage. Upon its completion, these special razor-edged hardened steel blades, the most cherished being typically created by a series of respected sword-making family clans and ritualistically blessed in a type of holy ceremony, known to be used exclusively by Japan's elite Samurai warriors.

When it comes to variety, many modern day weapons historians refer to China's long time ability to be able to make a useful weapon out of most ordinary farming tools and common household items. Out of any country in the world, China has the greatest amount and widest variety of historically documented martial arts weaponry.

In the Phillipines, there has been a huge "blade" culture for hundreds of years, stemming back since before the Spanish invasion. For ages, young male Filipino children were presented with their first Daga (Knife) when they are still infants. Nowadays, unlucky tourists visiting there are sometimes robbed at knife-point by common local thieves on city transport buses, using a familiar method called, "A Filipino Bus Ride."

This country is also known for its Kali-Eskrima-Arnis, three formidable parts of a national system of stick-fighting, which gained worldwide acceptance as a sport in recent years.

Surprisingly, Guns are not the predominate weapon used in the majority of crimes here in the U.S.A., however, most of the homicides are certainly caused by a gun. On average, most American citizens are actually robbed by a criminal threatening their victims with some sort of a bladed or a sharp hand-held weapon.

Certain cable-television channels have been airing some interesting new programs on weaponry. Aided by modern computer technology, scientific theory, including some very snazzy animated recreations of the weapons being used in full battle mode, each episode examines the practical effective usefulness of the subjects in action, giving it plausibility.

Uncovered in most of these well-directed programs, are many formally unanswered questions about several familiar types of hand-held weapons have now had some new light shed upon them, some producing unpredicted results.

These types of television shows have now developed a huge fan base!

What's your Weapon of Choice?

Let's take a look at of some familiar weapons of the world...

Katana (Japan): The legendary sacred sword, one of the most famous blades of all!

A weapon of choice for all elite Samurai warriors & secret Ninja assassins of Japan.

Nunchaka (Asia): Once a common Chinese farm tool, turned into a deadly weapon!

Made world famous by the late action film legend and martial arts pioneer Bruce Lee.

Bow & Arrow (Various): Deadly accurate long-range weapon used by many cultures!

A favorite weapon of choice by warriors from the Romans to Native Americans.

Broadsword (Europe): Long sword, ancient instrument of decisive battles!

Medievel weapon often depicted as being used by Kings of old and their Knights.

Axe (Various): Popular as a serious cleaving weapon and handy tool!

Widespread weapon of choice, sometimes called a Battleaxe or a Tomahawk.

Daga (Phillipines): Double-edged Knife of "lightning" fast death!

Versitile close-range weapon of choice, can quickly cause severe damage or fatality.

Bo Staff (Asia): Common practical mid-range weapon in most martial arts!

Used by nearly every Asian fighting-system, easy to make out of hard woods or iron.

Shuriken (Japan): Popularly known as a Ninja's serrated "throwing" stars!

Thrown with precision, can cause very painful damage or even death at mid-range.

Spear (Various): Deadly thrust at mid-range, or at long-range if thrown with precision!

Common weapon of choice, seen throughout mankind's long history of warcraft.

Sling / Slingshot (Europe): A weapon of Biblical significance!

For thousands of years, a weapon used by everyone from the Roman's to the Greeks.

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