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Meet A.M.A.M. Ring Girl: Jordan

This extremely beautiful young lady was born in Chicago, Illinois and moved to sunny San Diego, California when she was very young.

Jordan started her modeling career at age 16, and after a brief stint in the corporate world, is now modeling full-time!

An "All-American" beauty, Jordan is one of the most versitile models around...she has an unmistakeble appeal.

Her uniquely feminine physique is long and lean, couture designers vie for models like Jordan, keeping her schedule filled. Her healthy lifestyle keeps her body completely fit, providing her pleanty of year round job offers as a swimsuit model.

With her infectious personality, long golden hair, bright smile and perfect physical features, Jordan is in high demand in the professional modeling world, and as a favorite Ring Girl for many MMA and Boxing event promoters in Southern California.

Jordan has been consistantly contracted to participate in numerous media ads, calenders, posters, magazines and web layouts as a featured promotional model, she has enjoyed the assignments and making new friends along her journey.

This lovely lady is truly a one of a kind, this poised beauty has a unique organic quality about her that is very attractive, she always remains friendly and approachable.

A.M.A.M. Magazine considers her a cherished member to our family because she is always professional, always considerate and kind to everyone, she is golden!

Jordan enjoys listening to good music, the beauty of nature; especially birds and trees, and the comforting warmth of the Southern California sunshine.

She practices Pilates to strengthen her body and meditation to keep her mind focused. She also believes that with a positive attitude you can achieve positive results!

A.M.A.M. is especially proud to be able to include this adorable angel with the lean and sexy serpentine body as one of our featured "World Famous" A.M.A.M. Ring Girls.

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