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A Call to Arms

A Call to Arms

MMA at the sparkling new Citizen's Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Ca:

Southern California's "Inland Empire" was again ablaze with professional Mixed-Martial Arts action!

This time it all took place inside a fabulous state-of-the-art venue, which set the stage for an evening of action-packed full contact cage-fighting.

A great location, the Citizen's Business Bank Arena plays host to a mixture of entertaining shows, including many concerts, featuring international acts; plus a variety of state sanctioned martial arts events.

Bouts fought earlier in the evening included:

  • Cisco Rivera won a Unanimous Decision over Johnny Gomez (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

  • Brett Cooper beat Joe Cronin by TKO (Cut) 1:17 Round-1

  • Matt Major won over Jaime Fletcher with a Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

  • Jay Silva defeated Reggie Orr with a TKO (Flying Knee) 1:41 Round-2

Some noteworthy Under-Card bouts,

Sevak Magakian, a devout student of grappling icon Gokor Chivichyan at Hayastan Dojo in North Hollywood, ably defeated Harold Lucambio (195 Lbs.) by Submission, a painful Kneebar. (1:59 in Round-1)

Master Grappler Sevak Magakian

Chad George of Fight Science battled for a hard-fought split decision over Alvin Cacdac (135 Lbs.), a replacement for an absent Kevin Dunsmore.

Armenian-born Georgi Karakhanyan (145 Lbs.) of Millenia Jiu-Jitsu Academy won a decision over tough opponent Albert Rios (228th Gym) in a well-matched featherweight contest. Both combatants traded some damage in the clinch, however, it was Karakhanyan's stronger sweeps and Takedowns, which forced Rios to continually fend off submission attempts, that prevailed.

Warriors punching each other

Colorful Toby "Tiger Heart" Grear was able to beat replacement fighter Mike Sandez to win a 30-27 unanimous decision. The crowd cheered Sandez as he scored a first round knockdown. With his back on the mat, Sandez tagged Grear with two dynamic "up-kicks" as Grear closed in from above, yet Toby seemed un-phased and kept attacking. Grear commanded the entire second round with a series of low kicks and double-leg takedowns. In the third round, Sandez was low on energy, Grear scored with more good kicks, looked for a guillotine and standing rear-naked choke attempts. During his post-fight interviews, Grear announced to everyone that he'd actually broken his right hand in the first round!

Warriors kicking each other

Karren Darabedyan (Hayastan Dojo) now 7-1, won a TKO due to a stoppage over East L.A. favorite Joe Camacho (155 Lbs.) via a bad cut over one eye after the first round. Camacho (11-14-3) was confident at his "stand-up" game, but the strong and fearless Darabedyan easily controlled Camacho against the fence and quickly sliced him open over the right eye with a direct elbow-strike, forcing the bout to be stopped on the doctor's recommendation.

Hayastan's Karren Darabedyan

Former WWE member turned undefeated MMA fighter, Daniel Puder, landed a swift victory in his heavyweight bout with a rather flabby-looking Jeff Ford (205 Lbs.) who slipped on a high kick attempt and landed his full weight directly on his right shoulder in under two minutes of the first round. Referee Marcos Rosales stepped in when it was clear that Ford could no longer continue to fight in such terrible pain! Afterwards, Puder (7-0) kept his composure during his post-fight comments, while he received much undeserved booing from a clearly unappreciative crowd.

Undefeated Daniel Puder

Next up, Tiki Ghosn (169 Lbs.) of Huntington Beach, earned a unanimous decision over Unbreakable Gym's capable middleweight Brian Warren (30-27). Ghosn (11-7) completely smothered Warren from the onset of the fight. He proceeded to punish Warren relentlessly with damaging ground-and-pound from a superior position. The fighters eventually went back to their feet where Ghosn continually dominated Warren halfway through the second round, when Ghosn took the fight back down to the canvas. Although, Warren managed to slip in a decent spinning back-kick, in the final round, Ghosn was unstoppable, further punishing Warren with solid kicks to the body. Tiki then took his opponent back down to finish him upon the mat. "I came into this fight with a couple of injuries, but too many people I knew were coming, so I couldn't back out," explained the victorious Ghosn. "My original game plan was to knock his head off, but he gave me his hips, so I took him down and beat him up there."

Brian Warren vs Tiki Ghosn

Brian Warren vs Tiki Ghosn part 2

The anticipated Main Event

UFC veteran, Vladimir "The Janitor" Matyushenko (205 Lbs.) received a unanimous decision over light heavyweight Jason "The Punisher" Lambert of North County Fight Club, bringing his fight-record up to 22-4-0. In this active main event, Matyushenko wrestled hard, pummeling for control over his large opponent, both fighters connected with indirect strikes during their rapid exchanges, but the powerful Belarusian maintained control from the clinch.

In the second round, Matyushenko scored several body shots and wide looping-hooks before lifting Lambert up for the takedown. Upon the fall, Lambert's attempt failed to secure a tight guillotine, they were quickly back on their feet to continue the round. Lambert did manage a good takedown before the end of the third round and began to gain ground with a short flurry of hard strikes that looked rather painful.

However, Matyushenko suddenly reversed the situation with a controlled takedown in the last two minutes of the final round, securing the victory. "I was holding on to my breath, trying to recuperate," said Matyushenko. "I was pretty aware of time. I was kind of stalling, honestly, to see what was going to happen. I was waiting for him to make a mistake or something and reverse him and it happened."

Vladimir 'The Janitor' Matyushenko

Although, a few of the uneasy people in the crowd complained about the high ticket prices and an overly long fight-card, AMAM Magazine found the entire evening to be well-planned and thoughtfully organized.

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