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The Iron Dragon: Richard Bustillo

On Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Martial Arts & the I.M.B. Academy

Richard Bustillo One

Forward by Paul S. Lewis

"The Dragon is the internal spirit; the higher power in us all. The Eagle represents our mental attitude, as proud and good as a leader can be. The Tiger signifies body's fitness with strength and courage. Your life is what you make it; it's really up to you. But, if you feel you're in a battle, and there's a struggle deep within, let all three balance together, because one alone just cannot win"...RB

Upon my first meeting with Sifu Richard Bustillo, noteworthy 1st generation Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do student of the legendary Bruce Lee, I immediately felt enamored by his friendly and somewhat animated personality. He projected organic warmth emanating from within his soul that reached outward towards everyone around him. To me, Sifu Richard Bustillo came across like a sincere and confident man whose depth and experience can be read upon his face, his smile outwardly reflecting a sense of his genuine kindness.

After he personally welcomed me into his well-established I.M.B. (International Martial Arts & Boxing) Academy in Torrance, California USA, he then directed me towards its expansive training floor for the first of many group training sessions I'd be participating in, and soon began the evening's JKD-1 class.

Richard Bustillo Two

At the beginning of nearly every class at I.M.B., Sifu Bustillo's students are expected to warm up with a series of physical conditioning exercises. Good cardio drills; including some sit-ups, pushups, stretching, plus other various aerobic feats are instructed there.

After approximately 20 to 30 minutes of these initial 'warm-ups', Sifu Bustillo will usually instruct his students on everything from Western or Filipino-Boxing and (Thai) Kick-Boxing to Wrestling and self defense drills. During some of the other available classes there, he'll teach Doce Pares Eskrima, of which he holds a 10th degree rank! There are comprehensive Jujitsu classes offered there as well. However, to many, it may be said that his authentic Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do classes, garner much of the attention at I.M.B.?

I became a monthly member of the I.M.B. Academy that very day and still enjoy being trained directly by Sifu Richard Bustillo. His approach in training his devoted students and his vast knowledge base is nearly unparalleled in comparison to many of his peers; his enthusiasm for teaching martial arts is highly contagious!

End Forward

From the Inside: About BRUCE LEE & JKD

Richard Bustillo Three

"Remember, you are expressing the technique, not doing the technique."...Bruce Lee

Richard Bustillo, originally from Hawaii, is an Inductee into the 'World Martial Arts Hall of Fame'. His early training roots began as a youngster raised in Hawaii, his dealings with Martial Arts studies, first included; Judo, Boxing, Wrestling, Karate, plus his native Hawaiian Kajukenpo systems.

"I was one of the first original students to join Bruce Lee's Chinatown school (Kwoon) in Los Angeles, California," says Sifu Bustillo. "I was just 24 years old when I first met Bruce Lee. Bruce always emphasized the importance of being well-rounded in all the fighting-ranges of combat; at I.M.B. Academy, my students are instructed to focus on that," he continues, "Jeet Kune Do allows the individual to create a personal curriculum. Part of Bruce Lee's philosophy was to know oneself in order to gain more self-knowledge."

Richard Bustillo Escrimador Extraordinaire

Sifu Bustillo once recalled during one of our training sessions at I.M.B., "I remember one day, while a few of us were training, a guy asked Bruce if he actually thought he could stop his attack if he were to charge at Bruce with his knife. Well, Bruce told this guy to come at him with the blade, so the guy did. It was so fast when Bruce kicked the knife right out of the guys hand, before he could take more than two steps, that we were all left amazed by it...but, perhaps not as much as the guy who no longer held that knife?"

"If it weren't for the fact that I had the chance to train with and befriend Bruce Lee, I don't think that I would have eventually become so popular as a trainer or had the opportunities that life has presented me as a result," says Sifu Bustillo.

Evolution: The I.M.B. ACADEMY

Richard Bustillo Four

"We don't want to teach you only Martial Arts. We want you to be able to develop it. This philosophy is called; Jeet Kune Do."...RB

For over 30 years, the International Martial Arts & Boxing Academy has played an important role in the personal & professional growth of thousands of students locally, nationally & internationally. The I.M.B. Academy takes a non-traditional approach towards Martial Arts training, focusing more on the individual and less on the style in which they study, because no single Martial Arts style is applicable to each and every person. Students, as individuals are different in size, physical ability, interest level and goals. The "JKD" classes there provide a controlled atmosphere that allows I.M.B. students to safely experience multiple types of disciplines. This process enables them to absorb that which is most practical and functional. The I.M.B. Academy will supply its students with the three basic ranges of various Martial Art disciplines. You may practice them on your own and make your own decisions on what seems to work best fits your personal needs. Sifu Richard Bustillo believes that every individual, based on their abilities and experiences, has their unique own (Jeet Kune Do) way. I.M.B. takes the position that, "These are some of our principles, theories & concepts that are practical, simple and more direct.

Thank you, Sifu Richard Bustillo

You too can meet and train with Sifu Richard Bustillo directly by contacting the I.M.B. Academy via Email: IMB@IMBacademy.com

From left to right: 'Your friendly neighborhood webmaster', Sifu Richard Bustillo, AMAM founder Paul S. Lewis

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