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Bruce Lee’s Legacy is Alive & Well in SoCal! Bruce Alive and Well leadin By Richard Bennett
Recently, Cube Self Defense & Fitness Studio played host to an exciting sporting event which was designed to pay tribute to Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do. This event was titled, “IJKDC 2016” and was conducted by the International JKD Comparison organization, which was founded in 2014 by Paul S. Lewis to help honor his famous martial arts lineage.

Dojango Unchained Dojango Unchained leadin by Oswald Stewart, Tang Soo Do
When I was still a young kid growing up in the Bronx (New York), I was forced to face some of the meanest and toughest roughnecks in the projects. All of us reckless punks became members of a street gang, and the neighborhoods were our battlegrounds where occasional blood was to be spilled. That was a way of life for us pennilesss kids living on those burnt out streets.

Transgendered MMA Transgendered MMA leadin by Greg Walker, AMAM
While the exact definition is still under debate, "transgender" is a common term applied to a variety of individuals, behaviors, and groups involving tendencies to vary from culturally conventional gender roles. It refers to the state of one's gender identity not matching one's assigned sex.

Professional Mixed-Martial Artist Fallon Fox is a transgendered person.

MMA Possessed mma_possessed leadin by Paul Swaim, AMAM

WARNING! This article features some highly graphic details of mutilation, murder and mayhem.

Thankfully, because of the majority of mainly decent overall human values that can be associated within the martial arts and in most combative sports, the death list in MMA is actually very short.

To this day, there is still only a very few isolated incidents of accidental death cases that have been directly caused to an individual while practicing Mixed-Martial Arts.

The Tsunami Effect tsunami-effect leadin by Paul Swaim, AMAM
With professional Boxing taking a noticeable back seat in most major marketplaces in recent years, being far outweighed by the huge increase in the amount of professional Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA) events taking place all over the sporting world, there now seems to be yet another Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) or similar high profile MMA competition airing nearly every weekend on Pay-Per-View (PPV) or on various Cable T.V. Channels. These days, there seems to be yet another live MMA fighting event taking place each week in every part of the country.

How many of these constantly programmed events can the average MMA fan really afford to purchase on PPV each month? How many MMA fans can afford to continue purchasing high-priced admissions to all these live fighting events?

Will modern day MMA be able to survive the Tsunami Effect taking place...?

Partnerships Partnerships leadin by Tim Becherer, JKD
We can each do a lot of stamina training on our own but our functional skills really require a training partner. For the vast majority of our training time, we should have a partner when we train in and outside of class. Your training partner is probably the most overlooked training aid and best reason for your improvement.

A great teacher is a good thing, but, unless you are doing private lessons, you are most likely getting your crucial repetitions with a training partner. If you want to get better quickly, you need to have and BE a good training partner.

Preying for Enlightenment Preying Leadin by Max Holton, Kempo & Richard Bennett, AMAM
Most martial arts seem to have some type of spiritual basis, some stronger than others, often seen as a connection with a person's inner self rather than with some outside deity.

When pushed hard for the first time, the average individual may find themselves filled with fear or anger plus a heart filled with uncontrolled adrenalin and seek an easy path to thwart a foe.

These unwitting individuals may find themselves in circumstances resembling an old western gunfight with a Colt 45 pistol strapped to their sides...and an itchy trigger-finger!

Perhaps those instances are precisely the moments we each experience where religion, ethics, kindness, compasssion, humanity and love comes into play; exactly when these types of serious life affirming choices need to be made?

Painkiller Pain Killer by Bennett and Swaim, AMAM
One particular dilemma that many inexperienced fighters are often faced with during a bout is the control of "pain management" under stress.

Learn to control it without allowing it to control you!

Passion of the Fist. No Image by Paul Swaim, AMAM
An entertaining exploration following the evolutionary path of martial arts trends post WWII until the present day. A very a good read!

Big Bullies Big Bullies by Master Dave Modzak & Sensei Roger Boggs

It seems that bullying has reached a national level of attention to the point that actual statistics are being gathered, collated, and interpreted for trend analysis. It has also reached a point where the U.S. Department of Education has issued a letter to schools regarding this trend and the possibility of legally pursuing bullies under civil rights violations. There are sociologists, child psychologists, school board members, lawyers, PTA presidents, parents, and apparently a 'partridge in a pear tree' all putting their two cents into the mix.

To a degree, everyone is bullied at some point in their lives...(even President Barack Obama) by brothers and sisters, bad neighbors, so-called friends and peers, by bosses and lovers... or, by someone or another.

Black and Blue Tattoo Black and Blue Tattoo by Bennett and Lewis, AMAM
Tattoo (ta-too'): a permanent mark or design made on the skin by a process of pricking and ingraining an indelible pigment or by raising scars.

Warriors from many cultures have often adorned themselves with a variety of tattoos and body arts.

Fall from Gracie Fall from Gracie by Sensei Alberto Rodriguez, Jujutsu

In recent times, I had begun to seek out more knowledge on the various grappling arts. So, I decided to seek out some reputable schools around my area and I've attended some seminars too.

I decided to try one of those Gracie-Barra locations that had recently opened up nearby. Of course, I knew well about the reputation of the great Gracie family mainly from watching Royce Gracie's many wins on early Ultimate Fighting Championships. Their style of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu became very popular within the last decade, and it seemed like a good idea for me to learn more and give it a fair try. So, I made an appointment with a friendly voice over the phone and soon went in for a training session there.

Adaptation Adaptation by Alexander D. Thompson, FMA

America has had much to contribute to the world arena of martial arts as well as bringing our own blend or brand to the table en force. By fixing what was wrong or perhaps lacking in other more traditional ways, we have indeed made it work better and made it our own in the process.

With the help of the internet, cable TV, DVD / Video, readily available communications, plus today's easier travel methods to make exchanging information more readily accessible, we can all now make ever-evolving adaptations to each of the original martial arts doctrines on an individual or group basis.

Americans are pioneers in the truest sense of the word. And, we do pay homage and respect the ways of others and those who came before us. So, the next time you want to spew some oral diarrhea about how stupid, fat, lazy and un-original Americans are...just THINK again.

Everlasting Fame with Nia Peeples Nia Peeples by Paul S. Lewis, AMAM

"The glamor roles are fine, but the action stuff is such a blast. Ask any stunt guy or gal who’s worked with me or had to teach me. I’m really just a Hollywood tomboy." - Nia Peeples

MMAinstream MMA in the mainstream by Santos Flaniken

Whereas in the distant past, most individual disciplines would openly draw dividing lines when it came to cross-training in multiple systems, nowadays it is the flavor-of-the-day to study a truly pliable mixture of martial arts.

Meanwhile, MMA gyms continue to open up practically on a daily basis in nearly every country on earth. Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA) has now become a mainstream affair in most places.

Seems like the only thing required to learn MMA is an open mind and the desire to gain knowledge.

Tragedy in the Shadow of the Storm King Sanctioning A Nightmare by Associated Reporters

Robert "Bob" Arum (born December 8, 1931 in New York City) is the founder and CEO of Top Rank, a professional boxing promotion company based in Las Vegas, who's also worked in the Tax division of the US Attorneys Office for the southern district of New York.While working as a top boxing promoter, Bob Arum had been involved in many feuds and controversies.

While Bob Arum has obviously been faced by many of his critics and business rivals throughout his long and eventful career in boxing, no one would have truly wished the loss of his son upon him. The boxing community will surely wish his family their condolences.

Sanctioning A Nightmare Sanctioning A Nightmare by Multiple Contributors

Website Opens Amid Controvery...

Founded in 2009, California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization, Inc. (CAMO), claims to be a non-profit corporation dedicated to help foster the growth of the sport of amateur Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA) and to oversee the health, safety and welfare of the athletes that choose to participate in it.

On August 24, 2009, the California State Athletic Commission officially delegated to CAMO the exclusive authority to regulate amateur Mixed-Martial Arts and Pankration in the State of California.

When a Hero Comes Along... When a hero comes along by Richard Bennett, AMAM & A.P.

There is a very long tradition of legendary martial arts heroes in the Chinese culture. These martial arts heroes show great courage in fighting against vice, to defend the safety of others, and they are ready to sacrifice their lives for a higher moral value.

These qualities are not reserved for Chinese heroes, however, they can be found in the heroes of all cultures. The values from which heroism spring are universal.

Revolution Calling by Alexander D. Thompson, FMA

This article is to inform fans of AMAM-MAGAZINE.COM around the world about the current principles and conditions of the martial arts community, specifically in the United Kingdom, England. Furthermore, I am attempting to write this perspective from an insiders point of view based on personal experience in being an American martial arts instructor in the UK.

I hope none of you mind me going on a little bit with this as it seems I may have pissed off a lot of people over here for my beliefs and principles, as it is. This is just me teeing off on some of what happens to disgust me, personally.

False Fight Club by Thomas Vallez, Hwa Rang Do & A.P.

Although similar gang-related mentalities, once banded together, may produce such negative behaviour...it now seems like fight clubs are more often a breeding ground for direct physical violence against its other members...or even towards innocent bystanders.

Frequent gang-related activities have long plagued many urban and rural areas. Law enforcement agencies in most major cities have created special crime-fighting units in futile attempts to combat the continual rise in these criminal occurances. However, more often it seems that Police officers are increasingly outgunned and under-manned for such a huge task.

False fight clubs are on the rise, bringing with them a threatening gang mentality, causing violent episodes in various regions within the United States and other parts of the world!

Between the Hammer and the Anvil Between the Hammer and the Anvil by Paul Swaim, AMAM
Although, more often in a professional fight the decision may be obvious and a referee has a simple call to make, many times it's not so easy to judge.

Clearly unfair decisions or a bad call can lead to angered suspicions and unrest amongst the fans, it has even led to rioting in the stands! History has even reported homicides between gamblers and mobsters occuring over big losses as a result of a crooked referee ending a fight on a bad call!
The Invincible Fists of Fury by Paul Swaim, AMAM
Now that professional Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA) fighting has become officially sanctioned here in sunny California, its many fans can now finally come out to enjoy the myriad of action-packed live events, which seem to be popping up all over the Golden State nearly every month!

With his on-going success and proven track-record throughout the past few years, Eddy Millis has been busy continually scheduling even more big MMA events to come and has no plans of stopping now...his promotions have become truly invincible!

Sulking with the Hulk Sulking with the Hulk! by Paul Swaim, AMAM
Saved from the edge of despair by his "American Gladiators" co-star Laila Ali, Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan had finally reached his breaking point.

Hogan’s friends and fellow stars of a revival of “American Gladiators” knew of his emotional condition and called to check up on him. He lied and said he was alright, even as he moved closer to actually pulling the trigger.

That’s when his co-star came to his rescue...
Who Killed Bill? Who killed Bill! preface by Paul S. Lewis, AMAM
Actor David Carradine, star of the 1970s TV series "Kung Fu" who also had a wide-ranging career in the movies, has been found dead in the Thai capital, Bangkok. A news report said he was found hanged in his hotel room and was intially believed to have committed suicide.

Boxer "El Terminator" Valero...Won't be Back! Valero...Won't be Back! by Richard Bennett / AMAM & A.P.
April-19th, 2010: Valero, a respected former championship Boxer, known for having an undefeated fight-record and a noticable tattoo of Hugo Chavez on his chest, was found dead in his jail cell. Attending Police said he hanged himself after being arrested in his wife's murder. Boxing takes in all types: the misfits, the abused, the ones who simply start out on the wrong side of the tracks... but, for all whom the sport provides support and a way of reversing the misfortunes they may have suffered early in their lives, it also has its share of casualties.

High Altitude, Bad Attitude High Altitude, Bad Attitude! by Woon Choi, Tae Kwon Do
From now on, seated passengers should hear "Please fasten your Black-Belts," on airplanes after what happened on US Airways Flight-1447 from Philadelphia to San Francisco when self-overdosed medicinal marijuana cookies consuming patient, passenger Kinman Chan, allegedly began suffering from a severe panic attack after he doubled up on his dose preflight...

It was at this point that veteran flight attendant Lorin Gorman told him to sit down

Form Your Own Opinion Form Your Own Opinion. by Master Dave Modzak, Karate
When I wrote the “Path of the Warrior in Suburbia” for this fine publication there were, of course, a few open ended areas of discussion that were placed there pretty much on purpose. The primary point of that piece was to introduce the discussion of the disturbing state of martial arts training in today's society.

Now, would you like me to continue on with a related topic? I knew that you would...

For Whom My Bell Tolls For Whom My Bell Tolls? by Mike North, Timekeeper
I was forged to be a professional Timekeeper for an assortment of Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai Kick-Boxing events.

I'm made of metal and, when struck by the hammer of my able partner, I resonate loudly. My voice rings clear above the rest. My timing is absolute.

On Fertile Ground...Ammys vs. Pros On Fertile Ground by Paul Swaim, AMAM
In most sports, the long road to glory into the Pros usually begins within the Amateur ranks.

An Amateur is generally considered to be an athlete who is not yet able to command financial compensation to compete in his sport of choice, someone often competing out of a serious passion; or a devoted individual simply paying his dues trying to move further up the ladder of success.

Although, professional boxing will always far overshadow it, amateur boxing allows novice fighters to better develop their growing skills and gain vital experience inside the ring.

Now Han is Gone! Now Han is Gone! by Paul S. Lewis, AMAM
"It is difficult to associate these horrors with with the proud civilizations that created them: Sparta, Rome, the Knights of Europe, the Samurai...They worshipped strength, because it is strength that makes all other values possible. Nothing survives without it. Who knows what delicate wonders have died out of the world, for want of the strength to survive."

~ Shih Kien as the Evil Han in Enter the Dragon

Beyond Compare Beyond Compare by "Unicorn" Wong Shun-Leung, Wing Chun
The author of this feature is an outstanding disciple of Sifu Yip Man, the renowned Chinese master of Wing Chun Gung Fu. In his younger days, already a practiced student of Wing Chun, he befriended a child-actor from his neighborhood named, Bruce Lee.

Out of Style out of style by Master Dave Modzak, Karate
This will kind of remind you of the old schoolyard argument about who’s dad could beat up who's dad, the only difference is this argument is still taking place all over the martial arts community even today...

True Warrior Mentality True Warrior Mentality by Abel Torres, Judo
There is a reason why there is, I’m told, about an 85% drop out rate of martial arts students…

It all comes down to what the instructor wants to teach and show. “My school=my rules” is definitely a proponent of teachers choosing to keep whatever they feel may work in a curriculum and leaving what doesn’t aside.

Ron Kosakowski on Filipino Martial Arts Ron Kosakowski interview by Paul S. Lewis, AMAM
Ron Kosakowski, is one of the leading authorities on traditional Filipino weaponry; and is the only individual in America known to teach a complete curriculum on a rare Filipino fighting system called: KunTao Dumag.

Among his many renowned instructors, Ron is a direct student of Guro Dan Inosanto and Sifu Larry Hartsell

Folklore: The Legend of “Anting-Anting” A Call to Arms by Modzak and Laptitan, Siete-Pares Escrima
Is "Anting-Anting" a reality or simply a myth?

Folklore, the comparative study of folk knowledge and culture, is often created out of the traditional beliefs, practices, legends, and tales of a people, transmitted orally through generations. It is generally a body of widely accepted but specious notions about a specific place, ethnic group, or particular institution that is usually surrounded by a clear set of superstitions.

Lethal Weapons: Preferred Instruments of Death! Lethal Weapons: Preferred Instruments of Death! by Paul Swaim, AMAM
Throughout the ages, warriors from all around the world have made their weapons of choice...after painstakingly abusive trials and life-threatening errors.

The Golden Voice of Bruce Buffer The Voice  of the Octagon: Bruce Buffer interview by Paul Swaim, AMAM
Bruce "Voice of the UFC Octagon" Buffer is a real genuinely sincere type of guy. I always find him to be easily approachable and friendly to all. His naturally silky-smooth speaking voice is quite a contrast compared to his famous booming operatic tambour, which is his trademark that always seems to completely blanket the expansive MMA arena's where his alter-ego calls home.

MMA: State of the Nation Mr. Bloodyface by Paul S. Lewis, AMAM
Within the past decade or so, the term 'MMA' (Mixed-Martial Arts) has practically become a familiar household name, this is due mainly to mainstream organizations like the juggernaut Ultimate Fighting Championships.

Who put the TNA in MMA? Jenn and Tito by Paul Swaim, AMAM
What is the reason for the apparent mutual attractions so many of today's female porn star actresses have for certain top male MMA fighters?

You may ask yourself, "What does this increase in sex appeal do for the MMA industry? Does turning up the heat at an MMA event actually help to fill the seats?"

Kung Food Poisoning: Revenge of the Sushi! salmonella germ by Sensei Ricardo Vera, Kickboxer
One man's internal struggle with his fish swimming downstream is revealed in this humorous and entertaining article!!!

Power Derangers power-deranged Source: OC Court Public Records
Orange County, California - Former child actor Skylar Deleon (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) received the death penalty after standing trial for a series of murders in 2004.

Rival Rival by Kru James Floyd, Muay-Thai
It all began soon after the new Tae Kwon Do Academy first opened up right across the boulevard from my already established Muay-Thai Kickboxing Gym...

I figured it was just some "schoolyard" rivalry, until it escalated.

Fighter on the Roof Fighter on the Roof by Martin "Yuan" Chang, Kung Fu
That was the first time I ever really had blood on my hands. Looking back, I have no reasonable excuse for participating in that savage beat-down, but that is how it truly was there for us poor folk in those days. Back then, it was difficult knowing who to trust, who wouldn't stab you in the back with a stolen knife and who was or wasn't running schemes, it was a hard life for every family without enough money to feed so many hungry mouths.

Outta Gas Outta Gas by Thomas Vallez, Jiu-Jitsu/Hwa-Rang Do
From the time I'd started training in BJJ, I had decided to work more on my physical conditioning by lifting more weights and changing my diet to a healthier regimen. I did begin to gain more muscle mass and seemed to have greater energy, thanks to all of the new supplements I'd begun ingesting. I began to feel stronger than I'd ever been before!

However, I had not considered the embarrassment that soon followed!

McDOJO 'A GO-GO by Paul Swaim, AMAM
There was a time when to become a Black Belt in a specified Martial Arts system really meant something more. It signified a sense of true achievement within oneself, a display of hard-earned accomplishment!

Beauty and the Beating Beauty and the Beating by Paul Swaim, AMAM
This is a tale of one woman's courage to confront her own mortal fears and discover a way to persevere and move on with her life. Out of my respect for her privacy and her personal request to remain anonymous, it was necessary to change her name in order to tell this story. All else is exactly how I recall her telling it to me and what I experienced by knowing her.

To Compete Or Not To Compete, That Is The Question? by Master Dave Modzak, Karate
I'd like to talk about Martial Arts Competitions,

There are many varieties, Traditional Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Mixed-Martial Arts, and what I think can be the most controversial, "Open to All Styles" Competitions.

Kata: Dance of Death? Kata: Dance of Death? by Thomas "Shogun" Fry, Karate / Kickboxing
Kata: is a Japanese word describing detailed choreographed patterns of physical movements often practiced by either a single individual or in pairs. Kata are used in many traditional Japanese arts, such as theater forms like kabuki and schools of tea ceremony (chad), but are most commonly known for their presence in the martial arts.

What's so Kosher about Krav Maga? Krav Maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld by Carlos Arena Marina, Krav Maga
Krav Maga or Kravmagá, which in Hebrew means "hand to hand combat", is the official self defense system used by the Israel Defense Forces personnel, known in its infancy as Kapap, which means "fighting face to face."

A Lesson in Futility. A lesson in futility by Bennett and Lewis, AMAM
So, you became interested in martial arts at an early age. You've sought out a qualified instructor at a nearby school and proceeded to take enough training there until you've finally received your Black Belt or its equivalent. Over the years, your passion for the arts has become strong enough for you to decide to open up a school of your very own. However, success may not be as easy as you'd wished!

TMA: Why They Don't Work Well in the Cage. Traditional Karate Forward Stance by Ben Bratko, Practitioner
One of the best known arguments in the MMA world is whether or not "traditional" martial arts, or TMA (Such as Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido, Hapkido, etc.), are actually effective in the "real world" and whether they truly do well in a cage match?

The Path of the Warrior in Suburbia by Master Dave Modzak, Karate
I've operated my own Karate school now for three years and the lease is coming due again, but I will not be renewing it. Of course there are many factors for making this decision, including financial ones; however, after a month of contemplation, I have determined that those are not the primary ones...

The Politics of JKD Training JKD Politics by Carlos Arena Marina, Krav Maga
If you are interested in training in Jeet Kune Do and wish to belong to any organization, be careful with fraud and internal politics!

Much of the confusion related to JKD really refers to the ongoing debate on who is and who is not authorized to teach it and the pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Fading Away Fading Away by Errol Vasconi, Practitioner
I think we need fighters who have the techniques necessary to win in "stand up" fighting or on the ground, but, properly representing themselves as role models to our young fighters who'll help reiterate the importance of having positive values in our lives, which might lead them to be the best people they can possibly be and more complete martial artists. My hope is that some new fighters will eventually come along and better represent these traditional values, more often seen in ancient martial arts systems, in the cage.

Interview with NAMMAE promoter Steve Fulgham by Paul S. Lewis, AMAM
"At first it was hard to convince people and companies, everyone was cautious and no one wanted to commit. But like a snowball rolling down hill, it just kept picking up speed, size, and momentum till at times we could barely control it. We were understaffed and working in-human schedules just to make it a reality."

Hello, Shooto Nakamura with AMAM Founder Paul Swaim Forward by Larry Hartsell, JFJKDGA
Shoot Wrestling is a popular martial art and combative sport in Japan founded by Satoru Sayama and brought to the United States by former Shoot Wrestling Champion and highest-ranking instructor under Sayama, "Shootist" Yorinaga Nakamura

The following article gives a brief introduction to the world of Shooto and Shoot Wrestling.

Victim of Changes by Shihan Robert McCreary, Aikido
I recently sold the martial arts supply store I owned for many years to move on with my goals to become a special education teacher in alternative schools, with at-risk students. The sale was a quick deal and I tried to make the transition as smooth as possible for the new owner.

Commercialism has changed Karate.

Once Around the Park Once Around the Park by Petar Sardelich, Practitioner
Recently, I asserted to some friends on a web forum I frequent that the way that we train in the park might be called; "turning ourselves into the most effective mental, emotional, and 'spiritual' mental & physical tools possible".

Dirty White Noise Dirty White Noise by Paul Swaim, AMAM
If you are an up and coming fighter and have ever lost your composure in the heat of competition, then this is a must read article for you!

Downtown Dilemma No Image by Paul Swaim, AMAM
The story of an Ex-Fighter's battle with City Hall to get his business back on track. Interesting to see how politics and martial arts don't mix.

Getting to the Point To The Point by Jon Desrosiers, Kenpo
I hear it all the time, especially since the birth of the U.F.C. and growing popularity of "No-Holds Barred" fighting competitions. It's generally the same remarks time after time, "Those guys wouldn't last a minute in a real fight." or "They always pull their punches."

Making Martial Arts Music by Paul Swaim, AMAM and Elodia Agostini, Kung Fu
In this article AMAM founder Paul Swaim discusses some of the many similarities which exist between learning to play Music and Martial Arts training, even if you have made the connection before, this article will be interesting to you.

A Call to Arms A Call to Arms by Ornandez and Swaim, AMAM
Southern California's "Inland Empire" was again ablaze with professional Mixed-Martial Arts! This time it all took place inside a fabulous state-of-the-art venue, which set the stage for an evening of action-packed full contact cage-fighting.

Battle of the Rising Stars Battle of the Rising Stars by Paul S. Lewis, AMAM
Sparstar Promotions and its associate sponsors recently put on an all-star MMA event at the spacious Quiet Cannon Country Club in Montebello, which is located just a few miles east of downtown Los Angeles. This exciting event's co-promoters; Tony Perez & Tony Padilla (The Two Tony's) really provided some well-planned martial arts entertainment to a nearly sold-out crowd!

TFA: A Pyramid of Success A Pyramid of Success by Paul S. Lewis, AMAM
On a perfectly clear Southern California Saturday night in mid October; Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA) promoters Todd Meacham and Richard Rasmussen managed to make it look easy once again...

FMA: Sticking it to the Competition Sticking it to the Competition by Verdejo, Alunday, Napial & Serrano, FMA
Within the last decade, the rising popularity of Filipino Martial Arts around the world has produced several noteworthy FMA sporting competitions, including the events chronicled here at AMAM.

WFA King of the Streets by Paul Swaim, AMAM
The WFA Media Day took place at the new Legends MMA Training Gym in Los Angeles, Ca. Legends, operated by noteworthy MMA champions Bas Rutten and Randy Couture, and was filled with a variety of respected martial artists and sports reporters who were polite, yet anxious, for the opportunity to pre-interview some of the fighter's in a comfortable environment prior to the premier WFA King of the Streets MMA event, scheduled to take place the following Saturday at the famous Los Angeles Forum.

Fair Game: "Summer Fist MMA Series" Fighter on the Roof by Paul S. Lewis, AMAM
This year marked the inaugural Summer Fist MMA Series inside the fairgrounds' Action Sports Grandstand Arena, which is normally known for hosting motorcycle and rodeo events. This special Summer Fist MMA Series, which was co-produced by Roy Englebrecht Events Promotion; sponsored by Budweiser, Orange County Harley Davidson and Capistrano Harley Davidson, proved to be very exciting and highly eventful for all the MMA fans in attendance!

KOTC Fight Night and Expo by Paul S. Lewis, AMAM
A highly ambitious, but vastly under-sold event, plus public lack of interest
made a recipe for disaster.

Mexico's Cage of Fire! by Sonny Holandez, Jiu-Jitsu/Photographer
Tijuana, Mexico: It was a hot afternoon outside the Baby Rock nightclub where a few hundred people lined up outside to get a glimpse of who is going to be on the Fight-Card for the highly anticipated evening of action. My gym associates and I were all down there South of the Border to support our fighter ...

South Coast Martial Arts Massacre by Paul Swaim, AMAM
Promoter Dave Brock really gave a heartfelt apology to everyone, for the last minute cancellation of this highly anticipated event! He promised all those on hand that he planned to reschedule the big show in Costa Mesa and come back again with a TKO for all the fans who were turned away that evening!

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